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  • SB CA as per details below :(Please tick your account required)
  • Individual Joint Firms Society Corporate Students BSBDA Trust Minor Others
  • Male Female
  • Male Female
  • Male Female
  • Self Either or Survivor Former or Survivor Any one or Survivor Jointly by all Minor by gardian As per resolution Others

  • Cash Cheque Debit my / our existing account.


  • Cheque Book Passbook Net Banking Mobile Banking SMS Alert Mobile No E-Passbook Email Alert DBT Aadhar No ATM Rupay Debit Card Others

  • Father Mother Court Appointed
  • I hereby declare that the date of birth of the minor who is my is and I am his/her natural and lawful guardian / Guardian appointed by court order ,dated I shall represent the said minor in all future transactions of any description in the above Account until the said minor attains majority. I indemnify thebank against the claim of the above minor for any withdrawal / transactions made by me in his / her account

  • I. NOMINATION DETAILS (To be signed even if not required)

  • Required Form Filed Required Form Filed
  • Form DA 1 (Only one individual nominee permited)

  • Nomination under section 45 ZA of the Banking Regulation Act. 1949 and Rule 2 (1) of the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules, 1985 in respect of bank deposits

  • I/ We name nominate the following person to whom in the event of my / our / minor’s death the amount of the deposit, particulars where of are given below, may be returned by the Nilambur Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd. Branch :

    Name of nominee Address: same as primary applicant

    If different from primary applicant
    Relationship with depositor, if any Aged Years If nominee is a minor, his / her date of birth

    *As the nominee is a minor on this date, I / We appoint Mr./Mrs. (Name, address and Age) years to receive the amount of the deposit on behalf of the nominee in the event of my / our / minor’s death during the minority of the nominee.

  • 1. Rate of interest payable is as per Bank’s/RBI/FEMA rules in force from time to time

    2. I/We understand that the bank may at any time and without notice to me/us combine and consolidate all or any of my/our accounts and set off or transfer any sum or sums standing to the credit of any one or more of such accounts in or towards the satisfaction of any of my/our liabilities to the bank on any account or in any other respect whether such liabilities be actual or contigent, primary or collateral and several or joint.

    3. Unless and until modified or cancelled by filling a fresh nomination form/request for cancellation, a nomination once filed will continue to be applicable to the deposit when renewed, whether in part or in full or with additional amount or split up into different accounts, but without any change in the name and constitution of the account.

    4. If by error overdraft is created in my account, I undertake to pay the same with applicable rates of interests.

    5. If any mistake, the bank credits cash/cheques pertaining to other customers to my account(s), I undertake to inform the bank of the same and refund the same with interest and without any demur.

    6. I/We have read and understood the Terms and Conditions (a copy of which I am in position of ) governing the opening of an account with Nilambur Co-operative Urban Bank and those relating to various services including but not limitted to ATMs / Debit card / Mobile banking / Phone banking / Net banking / Bill pay facility etc. I / We accept and agree to be bound by the said Terms and Conditions including those excluding / limiting the bank laibility. I / We understand that the bank may, at its absolute discretion, discontinued any of the services complitely or partially without any notice to me / us. I agree that the bank may debit my account for service charges as applicable from time to time. I / We am / are residence of India apart from this the current schedule of charges has been received by me and I agree with same. I agree to maintain minimum balance / AQB of Rs................................................... in my account. I / We agre to abide by the fees liable to be levied for issuance and maintanance of debit card from time to time.

    For Current Deposits

    7. I/We am/are not enjoing any credit facility with any other bank/any other bank of your/bank and I/We udertake to inform you, in writing as soon as any credit facility is availed of by me/us from any other bank/any other branch of your bank.

    I/We agree to abide by the Banker’s rules relating to the conduct of the above accounts / services / products.

    I/We authorize the Bank / their representative to verify the details given here in accounts.


  • In the event of death of any of the account holders mentioned in case of joint account, the surviving account holder/s shall retain the right to close the Account.



  • A. If the applicant (s) is / are already a customer of the branch, please give account number.:
  • B. Name and address of Introducer :
  • “I Certify that I have known, Mr./Mrs./Miss for the last months/years and confirm his/her/their occupation and address stated in his / her their application to open the account”