Current Deposit

Current Deposit

Current bank account is opened by businessmen who have a higher number of regular transaction with the bank. It includes deposits, withdrawals, and contra transactions.

Current account can be opened in co-operative bank and commercial bank. In current

Account amount can be deposited and withdrawn at any time without giving any notice.

1. Current Account may be opened with a minimum balance of Rs.1000/-and the same must be maintained as minimum balance.
2. Interest is not paid on credit balances maintained in the current accounts with the bank..
3. An account in which there are no operation of 2 years and above from       the date of last operation, other than by way of any charges debited or interest credited will be treated as inoperative account.
4. Nomination facility is available for this type of accounts.

Rs.0.00/-per occasion may be charged for violation of minimum balance with a maximum amount of Rs.0.00/-for half year.

1. An amount of Rs.100/- will be charged for each stop payment instructions.
2. An amount of Rs.300/- per cheque will be charged for returning.
3. An amount of Rs.50/- will be charged for issue of duplicate Pass Book.
4. Service charge of Rs.50/- will be collected, if an account is close before one year from the date of opening the account.

In the following cases, no charges will be debited

a) Transferring the account to another branch of our bank.